Laboratory equipment


Aspiration cabinets

W ith slightly inclined frontage (5%) which facilitates the operation and at the same time protects the operator. The cabinets guarantee a good ventilation of the air without  any turbulences. They  can be adapted to most laboratory tables.


Laboratory tables

Because of their double side walls the laboratory tables are of great stability, adaptable to various needs and can be handled easily. The worktop serving as reservoir can be made of various materials.



They are airtight and designed for all kinds of work which require a precise control of the atmosphere and surrounding air. Available in various materials, e.g. polymethyl-Methacrylat, high-grade steel.


Aspiration tables

T ables in various dimensions and forms. The aspiration system covers the worktop in total so that the work station is free of vapors and dust without the inconvenience of a massive draught. Available in high-grade steel, steel, plastics etc..



Radial fans made of PP, from 5 to 5,000 m³/h for chemistry and industry.